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we won't let the sun go down

we're gonna chase the demons out of town

「p a t a ♥ 大 」
17 March 1986
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by Asra


My name is Pata. I'm twenty years old, an art education major, and you probably won't like me. This journal is friends only, and mostly contains my everyday bitchings about returning to school, moving out, work, music, my dolls, my neverending bemusement at society, and my ever-changing hobbies and momentary infatuations.

Note: I do not add people who talk about nothing but fandom, think VK or oshare are good music, or young teenagers in most cases. Have a sense of humor about the things you hold dear, or don't waste my time, because you're going to get angry otherwise and I won't care.

I love: rock, Kaoru/Die, video games, cats, dolls, reading, learning, writing, good candles, drawing, computers, travel, red hair dye, shopping, expensive things, history, psychology, interior decorating, My Little Pony and mocking you.

Not so much: fangirls, fandom, otaku, bad hygiene, children, Myspace whores, inactivity, ignorance, indifference, bad grammar, oshare kei, VK fans, entitlement, radical feminism, stupid teenagers, Japanophiles and unemployment.

Currently playing: Radiata Stories, Tales of the Abyss, Valkyrie Profile 2, Harvest Moon DS, Cooking Mama

Reading: Chuck Palahniuk, Fugitives and Refugees

Listening: Stars, Blind Guardian, Dir en grey, DragonForce, Rufus Wainwright, The Postal Service, The Flaming Lips

i adopted kasumi diei adopted osaka-jou hall diei adopted dc/dc die

LJ, my emergency info is here.

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